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Don’t hand your breast over to a guy if he can’t handle sachet water—Caroline Sampson


Radio Presenter, Caroline Sampson has laid a serious claim against men. In her recent post on Twitter, she wrote how ladies shouldn’t hand over their breast to a guy who can’t handle sachet water.

This post received a mixed reaction from her followers. The guys think Caroline is being biased towards the men. Because a guy should also hand anything to a lady who can drink from a bottle water.

Caroline agreed with this comment from her male followers. She responded that guys should let a lady suck on the bottle water to check something.

Notwithstanding, the presenter has put a good point across. A female or male shouldn’t settle for anything less in a relationship. If it is toxic, just walk away.

Demand to be treated right. It doesn’t matter whether a male or a female.

Photo of the post is provided below.