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Do Radio Stations In Ghana Live Up To Their Taglines?


The above headline is one of the biggest questions that need answers as we celebrate World Radio Day across the world, and of course in Ghana too.

This question is particularly important because most radio stations in Ghana have totally forgotten about their very own taglines.

And this is partly due, to the proverbial ‘Copy-Cat-System’ in pursuit of other stations’ content and programming because of a stations’ stance, success or its popularity.

Each radio station’s tagline should exactly reflect and exemplify its content and programming in translation. So, the National Media Commission needs to be checking and monitoring that.

If the National Media Commission checks on that, there will be some sort of discipline and decency in-between the way stations choose and deliver the messages their taglines say on their flagship broadcasting.

A radio station’s tagline should represent and reflect its broadcast ambitions and visions, but not as Ghana is experiencing now.

Just choose randomly and search for say some ten radio stations in Ghana and check what their taglines say.

One will find that, not all the various taglines are in sync with the said stations’ flagship delivery with regards to their content and programming.

If the practices of these habits are checked appropriately, Ghana will begin to enjoy some breath-taking airwaves that it deserves.

Given the amount of radio stations there are in Ghana, by now, Ghana supposed to be enjoying some different and unique tastes and shades of varied radio delivery and broadcasting instead of the radio styles the country is experiencing.

In addition to the nation’s broadcaster: Ghana broadcasting Corporation, the state of radio in Ghana was more vibrant, refreshing and interesting when the country had some few independent and private owned radio stations some time past.

As U.N.E.S.C.O is celebrating its tenth World Radio Day across the globe, just check and listen to your favourite station if it is a station that brings communities together.

Also listen if it is a station that fosters positive communication within its service delivery. Or better still, seeks answers to the problems and challenges facing its listeners. The station should be championing matters of public interests. As well as as respecting the diverse views of its contributors.

Does the station you are listening to, broadcast exaggerated news or events, does it disseminate scandal-mongering news, or does it believe in news sensationalism?

Let us not forget that a radio station’s tagline is the total embodiment of all that a given station stands for, no matter how long or short it may be, and therefore should resonate with its content, format and programming.

The National Media Commission needs to wake up, shake up and step up their duties in monitoring the airwaves with regards to these anomalies.