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DJ Cuppy apologizes to her fans


DJ Cuppy, Nigerian billionaire’s daughter, has revealed that she was advised not to speak up against the End Sars movement in Nigeria.

According to her, keeping silent doesn’t feel right as she asked her fans to forgive her for not speaking up earlier.

She tweeted;

“Going against the advice of those around me, but it doesn’t feel right. Silence can say so much. My fellow Nigerians, forgive me for taking so long to comment.”

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Cuppy also acknowledged her privileged background as she admitted that she doe not face police brutality like the fellow Nigerians youth.

She said;

“I would lie if I said I’m DIRECTLY affected by SARS but a lot of my Cupcakes are and that’s enough for me to care. I stand behind the movement to #EndPoliceBrutality AND #EndSARS ??”

This came after she faced backlash from Nigeria Twitter as Nigerians accuse her of not speaking up against issues affecting her country but always first to speak about Black Live Matter Movement.

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