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Diseases Eating Cocoyam On Empty Stomach Can Treat


According to Healthline“, Cocoyam consists of Vitamin B1 which is also known as thiamine is a crucial vitamin for increasing focus, and energy, fighting chronic stress and perhaps preventing memory loss. Several researchers have linked thiamine deficiency to problems learning and retaining information. However, here is the disease-eating cocoa yam on an empty stomach can treat.

Cocoyam Treat Diabetes

Cocoyam is great for people with diabetes. According to reviews, diabetics people fed with cocoyam showed a large reduction in their diabetic level. Cocoyam also reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Chocolate fans, rejoice, this snack could lower your diabetes risk according to Endocrine Abstracts. Daily consumption of dark chocolate is associated with positive effects on insulin sensitivity and blood sugar two key factors in developing diabetes.

Cocoyam treat stroke

Eating one serving of dark chocolate per day can improve brain cell growth. The compounds found in this food source repair cells and shield them from further damage. The cocoa powder in dark chocolate can give the arterial function a significant boost and lower the risk of a recurrent stroke. Choose often nutrient-rich dark green and orange vegetables and remember to regularly eat dried beans and peas. Fruits: Eat a variety of fresh, frozen, or dried fruits each day. Dairy: Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy foods or a variety of non-dairy calcium-rich foods each day.