Home Entertainment Date Rush fans left completely disappointed in final episode

Date Rush fans left completely disappointed in final episode


The fans of trending Ghanaian Love show, Date Rush were left in disappointment after waiting for a week to catch a glimpse of the final episode yesterday Sunday.

The new and old followers of the show were in anticipation of what the last episode hold for them, but it didn’t turn out to be as expected as many people complained about their inability to watch it on Sunday. 

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Dstv subscribers bitterly complained that TV3 went blank during the hour of the program. 

For those that managed to watch via other platforms, it was a recap of everything that happened in the previous episode that was shown to them. 

Last Sunday did not leave up to expectations of date Rush fans. Perhaps it the countdown for the next edition is just getting started.

Did you enjoy the show? if you do kindly tell us your own highlight or what interests you the most. 

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