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Daniel Duncan Williams Shows Remorse For His Recent Indecent Behaviour On Social Media


It has not been long since Daniel Duncan Williams, the son of renowned man of God Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams caused a massive stir on social media with his indecent behaviour.

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Daniel Duncan Williams was seen streaming live making claims, many of which were derogatory remarks against his father. It was later revealed in a statement released that that he was battling a medical condition. A lot of people were disappointed in his actions considering the status of his father in Ghana and the world at large.

Days after his admission, Daniel seems to have is gained sanity and has found it prudent to apologize to his father. In a recent development, Daniel Duncan Williams seems to have regretted acting inappropriately and drugging his reputable father’s name in the mud. Daniel has rendered a sincere apology to his loving father.

In his apology letter, Daniel described his allegations against his father as false. He also expressed gratitude to his father for loving him even through all the trials and tribulations. “Dear Daddy, I would like to humbly apologize for the false accusations…you are the best father anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for loving me even through all the trials and tribulations,” his apology letter read.