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Berla Mundi Questions the Government about the Homeless


While the government of Ghana is doing all it can to curb the spread of coronavirus in the nation, it seems the number has increased which has forced the hand of the government of Ghana to implement stringent measures to curtail the spread.

One such measures include the restriction of movements in Kumasi and the capital city of Ghana Accra with only essential services operating. As there has been a partial lockdown and everybody in Accra and Kumasi are to stay home, renowned Ghanaian journalist Berla Mundi has shown a grave concern for the homeless who live in such areas.

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Tweeting “Dear government, what measures have we put in place for the homeless (street children and older people alike) during this lockdown? Do we have shelters for them? What happens when the security officials find them on the streets? #COVID19Ghana

This seems like a genuine concern that needs to be addressed by the government in order to help these helpless citizens. Which has exposed the lag in some structures of the Ghanaian social services?

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