Home Entertainment Ayisha Modi Flawlessly Tears Kevin Taylor Apart For Insulting Stonebvowy

Ayisha Modi Flawlessly Tears Kevin Taylor Apart For Insulting Stonebvowy


Stonebwoy’s unofficial PRO and BHIM nations uncrowned godmother, Ayisha Modi aka She-loves-Stonebwoy; Has clapped back at the insults Kevin Taylor poured on her idol.

It can be recalled that just this Tuesday, the Ghanaian US-based political commentator critically slandered Stonebwoy after he took to his Twitter page to kick some sense into the heads of the NDC supporters who paraded on the major streets of Ashaiman to protest against the EC’s final verdict.

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Ayisha Modi, who is Stonebwoy’s mercenary has taken the battle upon herself to pitilessly deal with the loud-mouth pro-NDC member.

Read her explosive reply to Kevin Taylor below…

According to her, Kevin Taylor is an idiot whose brain is parallel to common sense. She further fired that, he [ Kevin Taylor] is as wise and courageous as he poses to be, he should fly down to Ghana, gather his family and friends and lead the violence he’s inciting others to engage in.

What is wrong with this post, what did he say wrong ? When it comes to politics in Ghana some people think the creative arts Industry have no say on issues to better the country. What Stonebwoy said was the real truth to protect his people and not because he belongs to any political party.

Stonebwoy holds a lot of followers than even some of the MPs and he cherish them like he value his own family members..He voted so he have every right to talk about issues concerning politics…People should know that politicians can’t buy Stonebowy like how they bought etc etc etc . kelvin Taylor focus on what u have been paid to do and leave Stonebowy out of ur politics issues.

sorry seamstress for him to bark like a dog who Is hungry for a bone. If he thinks he is sensible than stonebwoy he should move from abroad and call his family members in Ghana to go and cause that violence.

He should put some respect on stonebwoys name Because he is a prophet in the music industry. Am not feeling too well so stop knocking on my Door Mr Kelvin Taylor.

Nothing in the world  is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious Stupidity.” Show me your Voters ID Card Kelvin Taylor/  What money can make ppl do