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Auntie Muni Waakye Passes On, last wish before she died revealed


Auntie Muni, a renowned seller of waakye, a Ghanaian local delicacy made from rice and beans and often served with vegetable sauce and other accompaniments, has reportedly passed away,

Arafat, the son of Auntie Mini, has revealed the final wish of the celebrity waakye seller when she sensed her impending demise.

During an interview with Asaase Radio, the young man expressed his concerns that his mother may have passed away due to incorrect medication.

He explained that after receiving medication for her leg pain at the hospital, her condition deteriorated rapidly.

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Regarding her last wish, Arafat revealed that Auntie Muni had specifically instructed them to lay her to rest in Tamale. He emphasized that they were diligently honouring her wishes.

“Mummy was sick. She was complaining of leg pain. So we took her to the SSNIT Hospital. I think they were giving her, I don’t know whether it was wrong medication, so she got complicated, a lot of complicated, so she herself was calling for discharge. When they discharged her, we went home. The next two days we saw that the sickness was… so we rushed to UGMC. This morning at 3:00 AM, she passed away,” he explained.

“She said when she dies, we should take her to Tamale to bury her. So we followed the instructions she gave to us. This morning we are preparing to take her to Tamale for burial,” he added.

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Indeed, later in the day, according to Islamic customs and traditions, she was laid to rest today. The relatives and Muslim community congregated at the Cantonments Police Mosque to partake in prayers and bid their last goodbyes, after which she was sent to Tamale for burial.

Here’s a photo taken from his final burial rites: