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Are Medikal And Fella Makafui Married?


While rapper Medikal and Fella Makafui have proven themselves the sweetheart and a favorite couple of most Ghanaians, especially because of their public display of affection, it seems most people are still not convinced till these two ties the nut.

Rumors of the couple tying the nut circulated some time back, but with no substantial evidence and their public breakup sometime back, people have been left unsure about that.

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However, recently, it seems the two normally have been addressing each other with the husband and wife title on their social media handles. Though there has been no proof of their marriage, some believe they might have tied the nut and pulled that breakup hoax to fool Ghanaians.

Others also believe that Medikal has no plans of settling with the actress and is just doing all that for a publicity stunt. As it stands now, one cannot be sure of the state of the relationship of Ghana’s favorite couple, Medikal and Fella Makafui, but are expecting that it will all be settled in the year 2020.