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Another US-based Ghanaian Pastor spotted in a heated argument with wife and her family over the signing of divorce paper (video)


A video of a US-based Ghanaian Pastor having a heated argument with his estranged wife and her family over signing of a divorce paper is fast trending on social media. 

In the viral video, the Ghanaian pastor was seen being persuaded to sign the divorce papers by a young man but he vehemently refused to do so. He insisted that his wife’s family will not force him to sign the documents, because there’s no need for that. 

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While the heated argument lingered, the man’s wife who has now been simply identified as Betty was heard saying that she sacrificed all her money and her life to make sure the marriage worked.

She also claimed that she sponsored their wedding and it was through her, her husband came to America and also got a green card. 

Amid the altercation, the pastor lost his cool and threatened the wife. He said she will die and carry the whole of America with her to the grave. Serving a quick response to the threat, Betty’s family made it known to him that should anything bad happen to her, he will held responsible and made to face the law.

This is coming weeks after a US-based Ghanaian Pastor, Sylvester Ofori was charged with first-degree murder after shooting his wife 7 times at her job site for attempting to leave him.

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