Home Entertainment Another Date Rush ‘Boy’ In Trouble For Soliciting GHC 200 From Ruth

Another Date Rush ‘Boy’ In Trouble For Soliciting GHC 200 From Ruth


Ruth has been one of the controversial female participants in the Date Rush program. Almost all of the single young men who have been on the program have rejected her whilst she has also had reasons to bounce some of the males.

Her prime aim on the show is to find a suitable partner for a compatible future but the opposite has been the case.

In the African traditional settings, men are supposed to support women financially. There are a few circumstances where ladies take the responsibility of supporting their spouses financially.

For a man to hit the private message of a lady to solicit for money is rare but this is the drama that has happened among the many stories on the date rush reunion show.

One of the young men who appeared on the TV3 Date rush show is currently in trouble for hitting the private message of Ruth, who was also on the show to solicit for GHC 200. In the reunion edition of the program on Sunday, June 20, 2021, Ruth who has still not had a date on the show indicated that even though she is still single, some men on the program have been asking her on a date.

She indicates that one of the guys whose name was given as Nana Kwesi sent her a direct message and tried to swindle her of GHC 200 under the presence that his mother was seriously sick in the hospital. She indicates that the modus operandi of the young man to solicit money from her did not work because she was smarter. Ruth, who has been on the program for many occasions revealed that she is a nurse and was able to draw out the difference.

She indicates that health workers will always attend to emergencies to stable the conditions before asking for money and that made her believe the young man was only trying to outsmart her.

“Some of the date rush men even came to my DM to ask for money. One of them said the mother was in the hospital in an emergency and wanted me to give him GHC 200. He told me he had about GHC 120 and wanted me to add up. I told him to show me the hospital his mother was admitted to so that I will go there myself an settle the bills. I later realized he wanted to just solicit money from me. I think his name is Nana Kwesi”. Ruth indicated on the reunion program.  

The night was full of drama as most of the date ended in tears. Another young man was accused by his partner of soliciting GHC 15 from her for transportation.