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Akoo Nana is Frustrated—Rex Omar, Discloses


The Chairman of GHAMBRO, Rex Omar has replied to Akoo Nana in an interview. After Akoo Nana accused him of being disrespectful to President Akufo Addo. And again accused him of embezzlement of funds.

In an interview with Maame Animwaa on Ghone TV, Rex Omar disclosed Akoo Nana is frustrated.

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Rex Omar indicated Akoo Nana did the same thing to Obour. He stated Akoo Nana is just spewing rubbish about him.

Rex Omar stated everything Akoo Nana is talking about doesn’t make sense. He revealed Akoo Nana is not even a member of GHAMBRO.

Rex Omar revealed GHAMBRO is not responsible for every musician. He indicated it is a private organization based on membership. Which the government regulates.

He stated GHAMBRO has been investigated by Attorney General since it inception. He further indicated that they disburse to musicians twice every year.

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Rex Omar explained that most musicians in Ghana are ignorant about how GHAMBRO operates. He expressed his joy concerning the fact that the sensible musicians are registering to be part of GHAMBRO to see how it operates.

In his final words, he charged anybody who has evidence against him to take him to court.

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