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After This Man Bought All Her Oranges, See What He Gave Hawker That Got People Talking On Twitter


This year has not yet gone, request from God to shower you with blessing and mercy, I don’t know what this woman had done in her secret place or the prayers she had prayed to receive this mercy, but I would advise her to continue doing it.

A viral Twitter video has created user uproar, and several individuals have responded to the video posted by an influencer known as @alex.

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Inside the viral video, a pregnant woman selling oranges was standing next to a who brought a car. The man bought all her oranges from her and poured them inside the boot of his car.

As a present for the pregnant lady, the guy with a good heart added a Christmas hamper with Christmas cash inside a white envelope.

The pregnant woman was speechless to the point of kneeling and standing at the same time.

Screenshot photos

This woman’s God!! That’s the scream from the mouths of Twitter users.