Home News Accra floods after 2 hours rains on Friday

Accra floods after 2 hours rains on Friday


Some parts of Ghana’s capital Accra were been submerged in water following a downpour on Friday morning which lasted for about an hour.

Places including the Central Business District, Sahara, Odawna, among other areas were all not spared by the perennial floods.
The Ghana Meteorological Agency had predicted a thunderstorm on Friday, a few hours before the rain.

“Moderate to heavy Thunderstorm and Rain Activity detected along the coast of the Volta Region at 8:30 am, is expected to affect much of the southern parts of the country in the coming hours,” the weather agency warned in a brief report.

Some affected persons took to social media to express their frustrations at the level of flooding in the capital city, as it seems to have become an annual ritual.

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