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A newcomer who wants to be school prefect – Mona Gucci mocks Cheddar’s crowdfunding initiative


TV show host, Mona Gucci has explained why a recent political crowdfunding move by Nana Kwame Bediako, alias Cheddar, is dead on arrival.

While insisting that the New Force Movement founder is rich enough to bankroll his campaign, Mona believes Cheddar has done next to nothing to merit financial support from the public.

She explained how Ghana’s main political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) had built enough support to the extent that they could call on supporters to donate to campaigns.

She likened Cheddar to A Plus, activist-turn-politician, who is running for parliament in the upcoming elections, pointing out initiatives A Plus is financing from his pocket.

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“You’re a political starter who has done nothing. If A Plus wants to crowdfund his campaign, I will freely donate because of the boreholes and other projects he is undertaking in a short while.

“He started with his own funds, so if he calls upon constituents to contribute financially, it is understandable. He (Cheddar) is like a newcomer who wants to be made a school prefect.

“I won’t give Cheddar a dime, I know him from America… Cheddar is very luxurious, he has a portrait of his mom in one of his buildings, it is worth about a million dollars, those artefacts can be sold and used to fund his campaign,” she stressed on an edition of the Biribi Gyegyewo Show she hosts.