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A Few Reasons Food In The Stomach Flows Back To Your Mouth And How To Stop It


After a few hours of eating, some people experience a backward flow of food into their mouth, which causes them to regurgitate. Your esophagus and stomach are connected by an elastic muscle that opens and closes, according to Healthline.

This muscle in your throat expands to allow food to pass through when you wish to swallow it and closes as soon as it does. Whenever this muscle is dysfunctional, it fails to contract after swallowing, which results in gastroesophageal reflux.

The development of too much acid in your stomach and excessive heat may be the causes of these acid burps. The following actions should be taken in order to stop these issues:

1. Prior to going to bed, try to sit for about two hours, preferably in a squatting position. This will allow the body adequate time to digest. Never forget to lay your head on a large pillow when you go to sleep.

2. Avoid stuffing your face with food all day. Eat moderately and regularly every three hours or so. Especially if your breakfast is a large dish, avoid eating it all at once.

Take in all the water you can. Your breath will remain cleaner and your stomach will remain warm as a result.

3. Another thing you could try is to train your gag reflex to become less sensitive to the food you swallow. Your throat muscles may open needlessly if your gag response is overly sensitive. Reflux will result from this.

You need to get used to touching your mouth’s soft upper surface in order to prevent this from happening. To brush your tongue, use a toothbrush with a tiny head and soft bristles.

You should continue tongue-brushing until you start to feel sick. When you feel like throwing up, your mouth has been desensitized in that area. Repeat this process each time you brush your tongue until you no longer have the urge to throw up.

Your gag reflex will be less sensitive as a result, and the muscles in your esophagus won’t be left loose, which could cause you to regurgitate.