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9 Signs Which Indicates That You Are Mentally Weak


You cannot confront face to face your problems, you prefer to do it over the telephone. You prefer to avoid that painful, uncomfortable or difficult situation and opt for hide.

This article stresses on signs which indicates that you are being mentally weak. These nine signs can reveal that you are mentally weak. If you fit in one or more of these, you need to do something about it. 

If you care too much what other people think of you. Everyday, there’s a number of people who wake up, with the sole goal of becoming offended by you. Don’t disappoint them.You can’t keep promises.

You get overwhelmed with the smallest problems and immediately throw your hands up and surrender. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy or without failure, rejection and sacrifice. Don’t expect that everything is handed to you on a silver platter.

You always wait for Motivation to Strike. You’re always waiting to feel motivated to change your life, but because you never “feel” the motivation, you don’t do the hard stuff that’s necessary. Motivation will always be a fickle beast and you can’t rely on it to show up when you need it. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you can create motivation by acting as if you’re motivated. Motion beats meditation.

Take Other People’s Opinion about Themselves as Fact. We have all had times where people have put us down or said something negative towards us. Some people will take these words as truth. They will live in that (false) truth for the rest of their lives never changing or evolving.

Not living their authentic lives in order to make Other’s happy. I think we all know people who would rather agree with all sides instead of expressing their own opinion. Some people lie on a daily basis to make others feel better. This is a bad move because you end up living your life for other people instead of for yourself.

Allowing one bad experience to define your life: We have all been there. It might have been an accident, rejection, divorce or death of a loved one. Some people will stay in that pain instead of seeking help or giving themselves permission to move on. A sign of strength is to move forward after dealing with the pain and loss of life’s tough moments.

Constant Criticism of Others. We all know these people. They spend every moment of everyday talking crap about people. They can’t seem to stand anyone’s family, friends, bosses, wives and husbands. They are always focussed on everyone else and the bad things that these people have done to them.

Jealous. These people are always jealous of others fame, wealth, happiness, life, education etc. You name it they are jealous. They might say ahhh this person got rich because they have rich parents or they gained fame because they know someone in the industry. So much time wasted on others instead of themselves.