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9 Habits That Make You Age Faster


Everybody has terrible habits, some of which are just inconvenient or unhealthy, while others are all of the above and hasten the aging process. Many of these are aging, despite the fact that most individuals may not even be aware of it.

And even though nobody is ever truly young, we can all do our best to live healthy lives and age more slowly by making wise decisions. Many people nowadays have adopted hurried lifestyles and forgotten the significant effects that seemingly insignificant behaviors can have on our daily lives. Of all, most of us have bad habits, but making incorrect decisions repeatedly can have disastrous long-term effects.

1. Drinking excessively.

We become dehydrated and lose water from our cells when we drink. Not only does this result in flushing and swelling, which accelerates our aging process, but it also harms our liver, making it more difficult for our bodies to digest food.

2. Failure to adequately hydrate.

A healthy person’s skin contains 10–20% water. However, when we become dehydrated, our hydration levels fall below that threshold, which can result in dry, cracked skin. It thus feels older and seems older. According to studies, as we age, our needs for water increase. Consult your doctor to learn how much water you should consume based on your age and health circumstances.

3. Gnawing at your nails

Despite the temptation to bite your nails when under stress, biting your cuticles and nails might cause infection since our mouths are contaminated with bacteria. Furthermore, eating your cuticles makes your hands look older.

4. Using a straw to drink.

Although drinking with a straw once in a while is not a major concern, doing so frequently can result in wrinkles around the mouth, according to Debra Jailman, M.D. It is obvious when we purse our lips frequently to smoke or suck through a straw.

5. Spending too much time on screens.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexis Parcells, M.C. states that looking down at a phone, tablet, or computer for extended periods of time can result in unnatural, premature wrinkles, particularly around the neck. Additionally, focusing can make you scowl, and over time, this can add premature lines to your face. Instead, position your devices so that you can utilize them at eye level. Even your tablet and smartphone fall under this category. If at all possible, take frequent pauses and refrain from using electronics (wear air-buds for a call instead of texting). Need a prompt? To be reminded to adjust your posture and expression, place a mirror next to your computer.

6. Staying tense.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, is released when we are constantly tense, anxious, and repeating traumatic experiences. We age as a result of the inflammation this hormone generates.

7. Failure to use sunscreen.

There is no question that the sun harms our skin. And even though the majority of people only consider to use it in the sun, we should also use it daily in our moisturizer. Otherwise, we age unnecessarily and suffer skin damage every day.

8. Improper face washing.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT wash your face with hot water or rub a cleanser in with force. Hard strokes and hot water both dry out the skin and cause age spots. Your everyday skin-washing habit may therefore age you rather than benefit you.

9. Remaining inactive.

The pandemic made many of us couch potatoes. The worst thing you can do for your immunity and general age is that, though. Sedentary lifestyles not only greatly increase your risk of dying from any reason (heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc.), but they also hasten the aging process of your cells. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst discovered that walking at least 7,000 steps per day was linked to a 50–70% lower risk of passing away too soon. Moreover, although 7,000 seems like a lot, it isn’t.