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5 Ways To Remove Water Trapped In Your Ears After Swimming Or Bathing


There are activities that are beneficial for us to perform in order to take care of our ears. It’s possible for water to get stuck in the holes of our ears after going swimming or after taking a shower. An ear infection may develop as a result of water being in the ear canal for a protracted period of time, as stated by Healthline.

If you hear a thumping sensation in your ears, this means that water is trapped inside of them. Your hearing will be impaired as a result of this. When people are trying to get the water out of their ears, they sometimes hit their ears. This is incorrect since it poses a risk of injury to the eardrum.

The layers of bone tissue and neural tissue that make up the body are closely tied to the ears, which is one of the reasons why we regard them to be crucial organs. After a swim, you can remove water from your ears in a healthy way by doing one of the following:

1. To get the water out of your ears, you can use the principle of gravity as your guide. Just roll onto your side on the bed, and rest the ears that are bothering you on top of your pillow. Continue doing this for approximately thirty minutes. Gravity, it is said by Healthine, will do its job and steadily drain the water out of your ears.

2. Another option for removing the water from your ears is to use a hair dryer designed for women. Make sure the heat setting on the hair dryer is at its lowest possible level. You should flex your neck so that your ears are facing the ground.

Keep your ears somewhat removed from the heat of the hair drier. The shaking motion of the hair dryer’s fan will help remove any moisture from your ears.

3. If you want to get the water out of your ears after swimming or taking a bath, give your earlobe a light shake right after you get out of the water. You can accomplish this by holding your ear in one hand while bending your head in a vertical posture and gently swaying your head and ears together.

4. Make an effort to create some space in your ears, as this will encourage the water to drain out of them. You should tilt your head back into a vertical position and apply firm pressure with the palm of your hand to the opening of your ear. Take your palm off of the button and press it firmly once again.

Repeat this action as quickly as possible for around ten times. According to MedicalNewsToday, this will result in the water being drawn out. It will be easier for you to wash it off if you keep your head bowed until the water comes out.

5. In a container for eardrops, combine the rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Put roughly three drops of the solution into each of your ears. After waiting for a while, the water and wax that have been stuck in your ear will eventually come out.