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5 things you do continually that can keep you poor

Things that make you poor

I have come to find out why people are getting broke and poor. Apart from spiritual things, there are some steps you take that get you broke and poor.

Below are 5 things you do that gets you poor

(1) You don’t pay your tithe :
Many people spend their money and forget the source of their help…you are meant to give 1/10th of your income as a sacrifice to God … This indeed would teach you how to manage and gets you highly divine prosperity.

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(2) Living above your means
Most people look for the latest and the expensive things to buy or use…meanwhile, they are broke more than the poor…it is wrong.
(3) Spending before you save or not having a savings culture at all
I am so baffled with the way youths spend their money these days….they spend more than what they earn…some even go to the extent of neglecting the food their family prepared for them at home and go out to spend their money on eateries what #1500 and above.

(4) You invest in things and not in yourself
Most times I see boys selling and buying phones looking for the latest…or girls looking for Brazilian hair to buy….wait a minute..have you talked about your life and what will happen to you in the next five years…what will be your future…invest in yourself and not on material things that would fade away.

(5) You have refused to acquire new skills that will boost your income
Many don’t know that there skill is an opportunity for them when their paper gotten as certificate or degree would open the front or remove the heel of their shoes trying to seek a job that won’t fetch you enough nto feed yourself….get a skill even if it is something that is irritating…try learning it because..it can make a way for you.

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