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5 Signs You Are Dating A ‘player’


A ‘player’ is one who has made it his life’s mission to date and get intimate with as many women in as little time as possible. He is obsessed with his next lay and will go to any length to convince a woman to have a physical relationship with him.

Most players will go as far as convincing a woman that they are interested in building a relationship with her since this is one way to get her to bring down her defenses.

So, do you know if the guy you are dating only considers you another notch on his bedpost?
Here are signs to look out for if you are unsure.

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Players are extremely smooth. Somehow, they always know the right things to say at the right time. Nobody gets this good without dozens of practice.

A player has had countless opportunities to practice his move on countless women so, at this point, he knows exactly what to say to get a woman to swoon. He hardly ever makes mistakes and he is very unlikely to say the wrong things. Basically, he looks, acts and sounds like the perfect man.


A player is usually very secretive about himself, how he spends his time, his job, his friends and even his family. You find that you do not really know much about him.

He keeps you in the dark regarding who he really is and will keep mute on issues that concerns him. This is because a player knows that if her says too much, it is only a matter of time before he says something that will implicate him.


Players are extremely charming. They somehow find a way to charm every one they meet. After an evening with your friends and family, you will be surprised at how instantly taken they are with him.

They know that it matters that your people approve so they will turn on the charm. They will easily leave your friends in fits of giggles and leave your family in awe.


Any topic that is remotely related to commitment is usually avoided by a player. He does not make plans for the future and finds a way to escape any conversation involving your relationship. He is very shady regarding if he wants to get serious with you because he knows he is only with you for a short time.


Are you dating a man who acts very funny when it comes to his home? Is he very strict with the times you are allowed to come over and how long you can stay?

Even worse, does he try as much as possible to keep you from seeing his home altogether? You can tell a lot about a person by how they live and their home is usually the best tell. If he thinks having you over will mean you notice his lifestyle, he will keep you away.

Also, because he is juggling a lot of girls at the same time, he will want to make sure he knows exactly when a lady is coming and how long, to prevent you coming in contact with another one of his women.