5 Foods That Clean Your Urinary Track And Prevent Kidney Problems


    Your bladder is an important part of the urinary tract system. It’s an essential pear-shaped organ made out of expandable components that holds on to urine until it’s expelled from your body. The bladder itself is quite impressive and is able to stretch from about two inches to over six inches long, depending on the amount of liquid it’s holding

    Your bladder works hand-in-hand with your kidneys to filter fluid and wastes from the bloodstream. They are the primary parts of the urinary tract system. The byproduct from this process is urine. When your bladder isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to a number of problems.

    Normal functioning requires a coordination of neurologic, musculoskeletal, and psychological functions that result in the conscious and voluntary emptying of your bladder. Abnormal functioning can result in incontinence issues, leakage, backflow, and other common urinary system problems.

    To avoid these problems, it’s important to take the proper steps to care for your urologic health. This includes eating a healthy diet that’s rich in nutrients and vitamins.


    1 Garlic
    Garlic is a natural antibiotic that has hundreds of different health benefits. It’s been used for centuries as a medicine and is now even sold in supplement form for those who don’t like the taste. Garlic has been shown to treat digestion issues, internal and cutaneous infections, parasites, and even fatigue or low energy issues. Garlic is also a great way to fend off any UTIs and make sure that your bladder is as healthy as possible.

    2 Bananas
    Bananas are high in potassium and fiber, which can help encourage regular bowel movements and flush out your urinary tract. If you don’t have regular bowel movements, your intestines can become enlarged and cause pressure on your urinary tract. This added pressure makes urine flow more restricted and can lead to urinary problems throughout the day. Plus, since banans a non-acidic fruit, they won’t irritate your bladder and will instead give you nutrients that you need in a balanced diet.

    3 Berries

    Berries are some of the best fruits that you can eat regularly due to their low sugar content and high antioxidant levels. While cranberries are the most commonly used type of berry for bladder health, other types of berries have similar effects. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries have high levels of vitamin C, which can help your bladder stave off bad bacteria. Berries have high water content, so they can also help you flush out your urinary tract system throughout the day to avoid UTIs

    4 Eggs
    Eggs are another great source of protein that you can eat without fear of bladder irritation. They’re actually considered some of the least bothersome foods for many bladder conditions and are an important part of a balanced diet

    5 Cruciferous Vegetables
    Cruciferous vegetables are some of the healthiest types of vegetables due to their cancer-fighting properties. They include things like arugula, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radish, and turnips. These vegetables are filled with vitamins C, E, K, and plenty of folate and fiber to encourage bladder health. You can eat them roasted, raw, or even add them to a smoothie.