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5 Diseases That Now Have Cures


Some years ago, certain diseases killed several people due to a lack of drugs to treat them. Fortunately, we live in a generation where technology has advanced. We now have drugs to cure these diseases that once killed some people.

According to Healthline, these diseases were once deadly and could not be prevented, but they are now preventable due to the help of modern medicine.

1. Tuberculosis, popularly known as TB, is a deadly infection that someone can get by breathing in or swallowing bacteria. The bacteria is known as tubercle bacilli. It damages the lungs and the person consistently coughs blood until they die.

Thankfully, modern science has helped to reduce the spread of TB, which had once killed several people in the United States. Vaccines are now available to prevent tuberculosis.

2. Before the emergence of antimalarial drugs, the plasmodium parasite from mosquitoes had killed several people, especially in Asia and Africa. Thankfully, drugs that can cure malaria are now cheaply available in almost every drug store.

3. Yellow fever is a deadly disease caused by the transmission of a flavivirus through mosquito bites. Its symptoms are characterized by vomit, yellow eyes, nails, and skin. This deadly disease has killed several people because it spreads easily through mosquito bites and dirty water.

Thanks to modern science, yellow fever can now be treated or prevented by taking drugs or vaccines. The vaccine can be very important for people traveling to areas like Africa and South America where yellow fever is very common.

4. Smallpox is a very contagious viral infection that makes people feel very weak. It causes fever, skin problems, and sometimes death. Dr. Edward Jenner discovered its vaccine in 1796, which prevented the disease from spreading into the 1980s.

5. Polio is a deadly viral disease that paralyzed and killed many people before Jonas Salk developed a vaccine to help prevent it from spreading.

This vaccine has also saved many lives worldwide by helping them fight the dangerous effects of polio in their bodies. Polio can now be easily treated or prevented by taking the vaccine.