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10 Psychological Things You Can Do To Make Him Commit To You


Usually, the right direction is what men really want. If you can’t make him dedicated to you, don’t worry. Yes, if you want this relationship to function properly, you need someone dedicated to you. But what if you think he can’t do it? Does this mean you must passively wait for him to promise you? Should you absolutely walk away and find someone willing to take responsibility?

Well, you should do anyone. But there is a third option. You can choose to leave the matter to you, but you can force him to assure you. Of course, you can’t really force anyone to assure you. But this does not mean that you can do many things to induce him to do this in a certain way. If you want employees to be truly loyal to you, you must always do their best.

It all starts with sorting out various tips and tricks:


1. Always make things easy and fun.

Don’t be too keen to make hot and heavy things immediately. Treat with relaxation. Now, make things easy and happy. Tell him you are a great girl, and he can spend quality time with him. Prove to him that he will never have to think about bringing many tensions, dramas and negative emotions into life.

2. Be curious about him.

Don’t drool, as if he is a precious piece of meat. Be curious about him. Yes, you can make sure that he knows that he has caught your attention. But you shouldn’t let him feel that he has won you helplessly. Make him feel that you still need to work on him.

3. Particularly attractive to important people in life.

Usually, this is actually just pressure from peers. If you can make his closest friends and family fall in love with you, he might do the same.

Influenced by the surrounding people, he will be truly committed to you.

4. Let him join your relationship to feel involved.

People are usually more likely to put a lot of effort into investment. The same is true for partnerships. By asking him to work hard for you, let him truly invest in you. The more work he puts in, the more money he puts in. The more he participates, the less likely it is to get rid of this connection with you.

5. Don’t let yourself be too busy.

Make it your own hot commodity. As humans, we are more likely to desire things that we cannot have. Moreover, if you make him feel that he is not always in touch with him, it will make him appreciate the moments that really catch his attention.

6. Participate, but keep a sense of mystery.

Don’t give him anything automatically. Bring the card close to the chest. If you get it right, he will want to come back and find more.

7. Don’t be keen to talk about dedication with him.

Don’t push the thought of dedication to his throat. He found that the more times you want him to promise you, the less likely it is to fulfill the promise. He didn’t want to be told how to deal with it. Therefore, waiting for him to make his own decision, you can do some small moves behind him.

8. Without him, arrange a big trip or vacation.

Let yourself miss him. Take a holiday with your girlfriend and don’t invite them. Let him endure your absence for his whole life and let him realize how important he is to you.

9. At the same time, put your wishes first.

If he does not make a promise to you, then you have absolutely no excuse to put his wishes above yourself. You are still your own person, and you don’t have to feel that you owe him anything. For men who have not yet consolidated their loyalty to you, you don’t have to bend over. He can only treat you as a poor and needy person, sad.

10. Continue to open your options.

Usually, you may put too much pressure on a man to make him afraid. Therefore, if he really feels that this is a random friendship, please proceed immediately. Make your promises easy for him. To view products that suit your needs, please open the door temporarily.