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10 Nigerian Stars You Didn’t Know Are Best Friends In Reality


Friends are one of the most important personalities in our lives or maybe we should say true friends. True friends are hard to come by but when we come across them we just don’t want to let them go.

They understand us, love us and are there for us especially when we need them most.

This brings us to this 5 top notch Nigerian Celebrities who are best friends in real life.

Adesua Etomi And Linda Ejiofor.


These two are no doubt best of friends as they have been seen a lot of times on social media together. Adesua Etomi was Linda Ejiofor’s best lady on her wedding day. And both of them do not hesitate to share their love for each other especially on their special days like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. They’ve been friends for years and we appreciate their friendship. Which we could say is beautiful to behold. Both of them are actresses.

Funke Akindele and Eniola Badmus

This two are no doubt friends and if you don’t know this you probably have not been following them on Instagram. Especially Funke Akindele as celebrates Eniola Badmus quite a number of times not to talk of their “playful acts” on social media. The duo seems to have been friends since the days of their little begginings and there’s no doubt that they love each other genuinely, at least that’s what we see on social media. Last valentine’s day Funke came all out on social media to say that Eniola got her a Valentine’s gift. 

Lateef Adedimeji And Bimpe Oyebade

The intense closeness between these two Yoruba Actors is no news at all as they have been seen together on countless occasions and both parties haven’t denied their closeness in interviews. 

As Bimpe Oyebade has admitted that Lateef Adedimeji is the closest person to her. Both of them are being used for promotional adverts every now and then by brands. There’s hardly any movie produced by Bimpe Oyebade that doesn’t have Lateef Adedimeji in it.

Although fans feel there’s more to this closeness and that they could be dating. However, since they said No we believe it’s No.

Falz And Simi

This two artistes were rumoured a lot of times to be dating but they maintained that they were just friends. The rumour continued until Simi cleared us by getting married to the love of her life Adekunle Gold. They have since then remained close friends and we can say that they are besties as they are been seen supporting one another on social media.

Bobrisky and Tonto Dike

This two have been unapologetic about their friendship as they been seen together a lot of times.The cross dresser Bobrisky and the beautiful actress Tonto Dike have been friends for a while now. Although recent rumour of their quarrel have sparked up questions from fans. 

However it’s just a rumour that has not been verified.

Which other Nigerian Celebrity do you know have friends in the industry.

Whats your take on these celebrities relationship?