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What Happens To The Sp3rm In Your Vagina When You Get Up Immediately After S3x


According to Medicalnewstoday, sêmen containing sperm is delivered into the private organ when a male discharge during intimacy. The sperm may find it significantly more challenging to swim towards the cervix if the woman stands up right after intimacy because of gravity.

After intimacy, standing up rapidly may also cause some semen to seep out of the private organ. As a result, there may be fewer sperm that reach the cervix and fewer opportunities for fertilisation. As long as the majority of the semen has been discharged inside the private organ, this is unlikely to significantly affect the chances of fertilisation overall.

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According to Medicalnewstoday, it might be beneficial for the lady to stay lying down for a few minutes after intimacy if a couple is attempting to conceive. Having extra time to swim near the cervix will give the sperm a better probability of fertilisation. This is not a need in the strictest sense and does not ensure success.

In the end, regular, unprotected intimacy within the woman’s reproductive window—typically the five days prior to ovulation—is the greatest strategy to increase the likelihood of conception.