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She got a sh0ck of her life after going through her man ‘s phone see what she found


Cell phone is a personal thing and no one has the right to go through someone’s phone without their permission and it’s very much important to respect someone’s phone, especially your partner’s phone. But some people don’t listen as they don’t mind searching their partner’s phones wanting to see if they are hiding something.

And in most cases, they do find something suspicious and after finding that suspicious thing it’s hard to recover. And the painful thing is that sometimes you are even scared to ask because you invaded their privacy, by going through their phone without their permission.

A lady by the name of Caroline from Twitter took to her social media account and asked a very tough question that got people sharing their stories. Caroline wrote: What is the worst thing you’ve found when you checked your partner’s phone?

After Caroline asked this question people started commenting, and the comments following this tweet were shocking seeing things people go through in their relationships.

Another lady even commented saying she saw a message on her boyfriend’s phone telling someone that next time they have s*x they won’t use protection. Imagine the pain of finding out that your partner is sleeping with someone else while they are sleeping with you at the same time. This is painful indeed.

How do you recover after discovering that your partner is cheating on you? This shows that relationships are not that easy, but it will also teach people to respect other people’s privacy. It’s wrong to go through other people’s phones because what you will find might hurt you. But you can’t blame them for doing such like snooping around and playing detective by going through their partner’s phones. Some partners will make you suspicious because they change and their behavior will make you start thinking that they are cheating and in most cases when you ask them they deny it.

But still, that doesn’t give someone the right to go through people’s phones just because you want to prove that they are cheating on you. If your not happy with the treatment your getting leave the relationship because a relationship without trust it’s dangerous a lot can happen.

Below are some of the shocking comments that will make you ask yourself do I want to do something like this and end up like these people in pain and miserable.