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Remember Popular Senegal Player Who Was Mocked As Ugly? See The Beautiful Lady That Married Him


Several critics insulted Senegalese footballer Krepin Diatta during the 2019 edition of the African Cup of Nations, dubbing him ugly. Amongst those online users was Ivorian musician Serge Beynaud, who attributed the Senegalese footballer to DJ Arafat’s ex-dancer “La Beaute” on his Instagram page.

A statement that had infuriated his admirers, especially those in Senegal. The latter did not hesitate to tell him what he needed to know, mostly in a destructive manner.

Even though Krepin Diatta didn’t consider these taunts, no one could believe he would find love so soon. According to a source from Senegalese news, a website called wiw sport, Krepin Diatta married his girlfriend in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

However, he had the support of many people. We can quote the late DJ Arafat who decided to row against the tide by sending a message of support to the Senegalese international.

Pictures of him and his beautiful wife

On Saturday, March 13, 2021, Krepin Diatta married Aissata Mairame Aw in the city of Mbour in Senegal, a ceremony that was celebrated with the utmost discretion.