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I never dissed Bullet in a song – Wendy Shay clarifies


Afrobeats artist Wendy Shay has set the record straight about her recent track ‘Who Cares,’ which was rumored to be a ‘diss’ song targeting her manager, Bullet, the CEO of Ruff Town Records.

Earlier in June 2024, Wendy Shay experienced a fallout with Bullet over the terms of her contract renewal, leading to a temporary separation from the label. During this period of disagreement, she released ‘Who Cares,’ sparking speculation among netizens that the song was a diss track.

Bullet seemed to fuel these rumors with a social media post where he praised Sammy Flex for his management of Shatta Wale while hinting that ‘Who Cares’ was aimed at him. He wrote, “Salute to Sammy Flex, my top manager of the year. Disregard the rest and enjoy your success. Even I received a diss track, but who cares.”

In a recent interview with DJ Slim on YouTube on June 26, Wendy Shay refuted Bullet’s claim, clarifying that while the song was inspired by their rift, it was not a direct attack on him.

“The situation inspired me to write the song, but it is not directed at Bullet. It’s not like I’m giving a stray bullet to Bullet. As a creative, when you go through something, you just take the emotions and write something out of it. I understand why he feels that way though,” Wendy Shay explained.

She also confirmed that their issues have been resolved, and she has resumed her collaboration with Ruff Town Records.

“Bullet and I had a problem, but some elders stepped in, and the issue has been resolved. I am working with Bullet again. I am back together with Bullet,” she stated.