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GH¢1,200, return Ghana passport: Step-by-step process to renouncing one’s citizenship


Citizenship is enshrined in Ghana’s supreme law, the 1992 Constitution, through several means.

While it can be conferred in a person through birth, it can also be acquired through stated processes under law.

To that extent, a person can either take on a second citizenship under the dual nationality or dual citizenship provisions of Ghana’s laws and relevant statutes.

There is also the case of giving up one’s citizenship, known as renunciation of citizenship. That also follows statutory processes.

In the wake of a viral report of a ‘former’ Ghanaian celebrating his new citizenship as a Dutch after securing the necessary documentation, GhanaWeb looks at how one can stop becoming Ghanaian legally.

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According to the Ministry of Interior’s website, the process of renunciation starts with the purchase of a form at the ministry or Ghana’s consulates abroad.

One would fill the form out and include a renunciation letter addressed to the minister along with other documents for processing.

A key component of the process being the return of the Ghana passport in case the person is in possession of one.

The entire process for a properly filed application would take two weeks, the ministry said on its site.



Purchase of Renunciation form 13 from Ghana Mission Abroad or from the Ministry of the Interior, Accra, Ghana

An application letter, applying for renunciation of Ghanaian citizenship, addressed to the Minister for the Interior

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Two (2) recent passport sized photographs

Copy of Ghanaian Passport (Bio Data Page)

Assurance letter from the country where applicant is acquiring new citizenship

Receipt of payment for Renunciation form (photocopy)

Please note that applicant will be required to surrender the Ghanaian Passport before handed the certificate.

Time Frame

Two (2) Weeks (After receipt of the duly completed form)

Fees & Charges

Renunciation form 13 – GH¢1,200.00

‘I am no longer your citizen’ – Kofi Gabs

Kofi Gabs, alias Presido Gabs or Mr. Happiness, who identifies as a digital content creator, has been based in the Netherlands since 2018.

He recently announced his formal switch from Ghanaian to Dutch via multiple social media posts, Gabs acknowledged the role Ghana played by granting him the passport he travelled on to the Netherlands.

In a video posted on his social media handles (X and Facebook) he is heard saying: “Ghana, after 12 today (Wednesday, May 8, 2024), I am no longer your citizen.

“But I want to say a very big thank you for giving me this book (Ghana passport) which paved the way for me to get my new citizenship, I thank you, God bless you.”

Most commenters on social media are congratulating him on securing a new nationality.

He has since posted photos and videos after receiving his new citizenship documents. One of the videos is of a party he threw for himself after officially becoming Dutch.