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“Artists Need A Psychologist To Talk To Because We Can Be Lonely”. – OB Amponsah


Last night, Comedian OB Amponsah in his debut appearance on Sammyflex’s Showbiz Daily made some interesting revelations about a snafu he got into last year with a political party in Ghana.

While many people were aware of his issues with a political party and how the problem was going, most people were also not cognizant of the severity of it. Opening up in an interview with Sammyflex, the comedian admitted that he got depressed and scared to the point where he needed physical protection to events. He revealed that he was being threatened by some members and big names in the political party, with others raining curses on his life.

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He went on to say that, in those times he really could have used a shrink to help him through such a hard time stating that “Artists need a psychologist to talk to because we can be lonely.” This, of course, affirms that, like the rest of the world, artists, in spite of their fame and influence also deal with real-life problems, get depressed, and need a professional to hold their hands through them.

 Africa, on the other hand, sees retaining the services of a psychologist as the wrong move, since they automatically assume it means you are inflicted with a mental problem like madness. This assertion worsens when the person is a star, they would rather live with their fears than talk to a professional for fear of disclosure.