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Are You a Hard Guy? DM Me – Lady Calls Guys Out on Twitter


We all know it’s the Christmas period, a time where guys break up with their girlfriend and girls throw their net to catch as many big fish as possible, it has become a norm and we know it.

Before girls mostly slay queens who use this period to raise money do it with code, but currently revere is now the case, girls no longer do it secretly just as in the case of this twitter user with the name Maryam Atom.

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Are You a Hard

The young pretty girl shocked everyone on Twitter when she called out guys to DM here. For those who don’t know the meaning “DM”, it stands for direct message, which means she wants guys to send her a private message.

She wrote: “Are you a hard Guy? DM Me.”

“Are You A Hard Guy? Dm me  pic.twitter.com/8aEgaYsumA— Miemie’s Art  (@Kharlilah) December 6, 2020

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, “Hard Guy”, is she referring to muscular guys with big shoulders and chest, or is she referring to the other thing?

Well it’s suppressing how ladies are becoming desperate these days, just recently a sweet looking lady wrote this on her social media: I Have Waited Enough! Since Christian Husbands Are Not Coming My Way, I am Giving Chance To Muslim.

Does it mean guys are now too scarce, or have the boyfriend associaltion of Nigeria gone on strike?

I want to hear fro you, what are your thoughts?

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