With a combined reach of up to 200,000 impressions a month across and our social media platforms, OdarteyGH Media is a great choice to do business with when it comes to the Ghanaian online space.


Ad Space  Currency   1 week  2 weeks   1 Month
Leaderboard  GHC  1000  1800  3000 
Side Bar top right  GHC  1000  1600 2500 
In Content Ad  GHC  1000 1600 2500 
Lower Board  GHC  800 1200  2000

Advertising spaces:  

Type                        Description  Key benefits 
Leaderboard  This is the banner displayed right below the Logo    Visitors will never miss this ad. 
Side Bar top right   Sidebar ads appear on the top right section of the website.  It’s one of the first ads visitors see when they land on any page    either via the homepage or via social media link or a search engine 
In content bar  These are display or text ads that appear at the before, in between or below all articles.  Website visitors view these ads at the beginning of article, in  between and at the bottom. The ads are guaranteed to be seen no matter what. 
Lower Board  These are display or text ads that appear at the bottom of the website. It is parallel to the Leader Board   This mostly serves new visitors     who are looking to know more     about your brand. It also gets them engaged with your ads.

Social Media Advertising/Influencing Charges   

Ad Space  Currency   1 Week  2 Weeks  1 Month 
Instagram  GHC  1,000  1,800 3,000
Facebook  GHC  600  1,000 2,000
Twitter  GHC  600  1,000  2,000
YouTube  GHC  1,000 2,200 3,500 


  • Ads are posted daily and they are not deleted when posted so our clients continue to enjoy from new visitors or leads even when the duration is over.
  • With the YouTube Advertisement, Ads are highlight in our contents in addition to the image/video being displayed.

Blog/Web Post 

This involves an article written about out your institution/brand on our blog or website. Here details of your services will be communicated to our avid readers; pictures of your establishment will be attached to the article to promote your brand at a fee of GHC 1000. 


  • Champs Sports Bar 
  • Marriot Hotel
  • Paloma Hotel 
  • Holy Trinity Spa, Sogakope
  • 2131 
  • Miss Universe Ghana 
  • Ataankpa Sneakers
  • Unidus condoms
  • Miss Malaika Ghana 
  • Lokhanda  
  • Ama Cares 
  • She Power


  • Best Social Media Account (Blogging Ghana Awards 2016) -Nominated 
  • Best Blogger University of Cape Coast 2016 – Won 
  • Ghana Tertiary Awards Most Influential Blogger 2016 – Nominated 
  • Best Blogger (FAME Awards 2017) – Nominated 
  • Best Blogger (Blogging Ghana Awards 2018) – Nominated
  • Most Influential Youth Blogger (Youth Excellence awards 2019) – Nominated
  • Students Favourite Blogger (CBaze awards 2019) – Nominated

Contact Us:  

Telephone: 0302338563 

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