Don’t Push Away a Girl Who Shows These 7 Signs She Cares About You


Finding real, true love can be difficult. We meet people who don’t want a relationship, people who say they do but don’t really, those who simply want fun, and those who have no clue what they want deep down. After a few false starts, recognizing a genuine person in your life can be tricky. Watch for these signs that she cares about you and see where you stand.

1. She remembers small things about you.

If you don’t mean anything to her, she wouldn’t bother remembering your birthday, favorite color, favorite meal, or the other small details that make you the person you are. This means you’re clearly in her brain. It’s a surefire sign she cares about you.

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2. She’s genuinely interested in how your day went.

If she doesn’t care, she won’t have the slightest interest in whether your day went well or not. If she always asks how your day was and always asks if you’re alright, etc., that’s a great sign.

3. She worries about you.

Perhaps you have a headache, or maybe you didn’t sleep well the night before. Care means she will be worried about that to some degree. Okay, she’s not going to be full-scale panicking, but she will be concerned, e.g., “make sure you get some sleep tonight; you look really tired.”

4. She will give advice.

Most girls are great at giving out advice, especially in terms of the future. This is a girl with your best interests at heart. If you only notice this one sign, then there is a possibility that it’s a friendship deal. But, add in a few more signs, and there’s definitely romance in the air!


5. She lifts you up when you’re down.

Perhaps you’ve had a bad day at work. The big presentation didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. If she really cares about you, she will be the one giving you the pep talk, lifting you up, and pushing you to try again.

6. She will always defend you.

Your girl will always be your biggest supporter. If she hears someone talking about you, she will defend you to within an inch of her life. This is a surefire sign she cares.

7. She just comes out and tells you.

Of course, throughout all of these signs that she cares about you, probably the most obvious is when she tells you. If that happens, there’s no denying it, and there’s no need to play detective!