4 Simple Chair Exercise That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit


Working out does not necessarily means trip to the gym, it is just as efficient as doing it at home, somewhere outside or anywhere you see fit. If you are fond of exercising at home you are going to love the exercises I have in store for you. The only equipment you’ll need will be a chair. Check out the exercises below according to health experts.

Single knee lift. Just get seated on the chair and raise one leg after the other. Make certain your lift your knees up all the way to your chest. Perform this exercise a couple of times per day and you are going to melt all of the abdominal fat right off.

Double knee lift. During this exercise, you should grab on to your chair handle with both your hands and join your knees lifting them up all the way to your stomach. By applying pressure to your lower abdomen, you will be able to melt the fat in no time, do reps as often as you can on a daily basis.


Double knee side lift. Bend sideways and raise your knees up to apply pressure on your waistline to melt all of the accumulated, excess fat. Switch fromyour left side to your right side to achieve optimal results.

Upper body rotation. Sit down, lift up your arms, bend your elbows at a 45degree angle and twirl your upper body from one side to the other. Rotate as much as you can and witness how your waistline is downsizing in the process.

Touch your toes. While you are sitting down, extend your arms to the sides as if though you are a plane ready to land. Next, touch your right toe with your left hand and then touch your left toe with your right hand. Make certain that as you are touching your toe with one of your hands the other one should still be stretched out.