Tips On How You Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy and Free From Odour


A white tooth attracts several benefits and speaks of how clean a person is. Following a recommendation made by WebMD, I drafted out tips on how you can keep your mouth healthy and from odor.

1. Consumption of baking Soda and peroxide can help improve how healthy your mouth is. Several people have been carrying out the practice of mixing baking soda and peroxide to make their teeth white. It has worked out for many individuals who used both substances in their normal ratios.

2. Using Green Tea; well, a particular type of tea is popular in Asia and marked as their favorite drink. According to several research, green tea helps to keep the gums and teeth stay healthy.

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3. Chewing sugarless gum regularly; the lack of sugar in this type of gum makes it a pretty healthy form of reducing bad breath and enhancing the strength of the teeth. Sugarless gum washes away bits of food and balances out some acids that germs in your mouth make.

4. Drinking Salt Water; this particular substance enhances the strength of the teeth positively. If your gums are red or sore, stir half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Although the mixture may not taste that great, it can go a long way to help fight germs in your mouth.