A viral video of Free SHS students being served Tugyimi rice with ‘prisoners’ soup as lunch makes netizens sad


A video currently circulating on social media sighted by dailytrendsgh.com shows the moments of Free SHS students being served Tugyimi rice with ‘prisoners’ soup as lunch makes netizens sad.

As a consequence of widespread food shortages, kids in senior high schools in Ghana are consuming less healthful fare.

After the introduction of the Free SHS program, several institutions found themselves seriously under-resourced to maintain normal operations.

Schools report that this has led to crowded dorms and the provision of Tugyimi rice with “prisoners’ soup” for lunch.

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Many people’s hearts have been damaged after seeing a video that blogger Kobby Kyei posted online.

At St. Paul’s Senior High School SPACO and Minor Seminary in Hatsukorpe, it was an eyesore (Ketu South).

Already malnourished, these pupils are shown sitting down to a meal of Tugyimi rice with ‘prisoners’ soup that includes just one fish for 10 people.

When compared to the number of pupils seated at the table, the quantity of food served was ridiculous. Their facial description betrayed their feelings of despair and hunger.

As a reminder, the Free SHS policy has been under fire after a number of frivolous lawsuits threatened to derail its implementation.

Watch the video below;