Foods Men Eat That Weakens The Penis


    The male organ is an essential body part of a man. It is what men use for urinating, release semen and what they use for penetration during intimacy. This is regarded as a man’s manpower and identity. For this very reason, men need to take really good care of their organ.

    It almost never happens that a man watches his diet in other not to damage their organ. Though, it is necessary for all men to note some of these foods that weaken their organ. This will enable them be aware of and possibly avoid excess consumption of some of them.

    There is canned soup

    White bread and processed carbs


    Farmed fish


    Processed meat

    Microwavable popcorn



    And then there’s mint.

    Obviously, there is no likelihood that these foods should not be consumed anymore by men. But they should be consumed in fewer quantities, so as to reduce the risk of their organ weakening.