Amber Heard files to appeal verdict in Johnny Depp trial


Amber Heard has officially filed to appeal her defamation case against Johnny Depp, nearly two months after she was ordered to pay her ex-husband over $10million in damages.

Amber had vowed since the day of the verdict that she would appeal.

Lawyers representing the actress, 36, on Thursday, July 21, filed a notice to appeal the verdict at the Virginia Court of Appeals in Fairfax County.

Amber Heard files to appeal verdict in Johnny Depp trial
Amber Heard files to appeal verdict in Johnny Depp trial

A spokesperson for Amber tells TMZ: “We believe the court made errors that prevented a just and fair verdict consistent with the First Amendment. We are therefore appealing the verdict. While we realize today’s filing will ignite the Twitter bonfires, there are steps we need to take to ensure both fairness and justice.”

The move comes just a week after Heard was denied a request for a new trial because one of the jurors in the case had come to court when it was actually his father who received the jury summons.

In June, a jury ruled Amber had defamed the Pirates of the Caribbean star in a newspaper opinion piece published in 2018. 

Depp, 59, was awarded $15million in total – $10million in compensatory damages and $5million in punitive damages. 

The judge later capped the damages at the state’s maximum of $350,000.

Heard won just one of her three countersuit claims, which related to statements made by Depp’s lawyer suggesting she and friends had trashed their apartment before calling the police out. 

The jury ultimately awarded her $2million in compensatory damages out of the $100million she was seeking, and zero dollars in punitive damages.

This means Amber is supposed to pay Depp a total of $8.35million.