Young lady in sh0ck after she found a huge frog inside a bowl of ice cream bought from a store


A young lady was in for a surprise when the bowl of ice cream she was about to relish turned into her nightmare.

Identified as Tracy Wiemelt Holtman on Facebook, the young lady revealed that she bought the Blue Bunny ice cream from an unidentified store which was tightly sealed as expected.

However, after she opened to begin ‘business’ she found a big frog from the inside which was frozen.
She stated that she believes the store bought it from the factory that way because the seal had not been tampered with.

Tracy calmly suggested she won’t throw tantrums but go to the store and tell them about her discovery.

So I literally just bought this blue bunny ice cream from hyvee.

Morgan opened it tonight and look at what was in it. This has to come from the factory this way bc it was sealed. Guess I will be taking it back to the store bc they won’t believe me if I just tell them.