My Friend Is Getting Divorced But She Doesn’t Know I Am Dating Her Husband And Forced Him To Get Rid Of Her


Just when we thought we have seen the fullness of the wickedness of women, another one springs up to show us a new one.

A lady who prefers to remain anonymous has revealed how she caused the collapse of her best friend’s marriage.

According to her, she has been secretly dating her best friend’s husband for a while.

But she got fed up with sharing him with his wife and gave him an ultimatum to choose between his wife and her.

The man chose her and decided to divorce his wife (her best friend). Her friend who had no idea about the betrayal decided to run to her for consolation.

She wrote;

“My friend is getting divorced and I’m being supportive for her, little does she know that I am the reason for the divorce because I told my boyfriend(her husband) that he has to choose between me or her. I feel bad but I love him. We will only break the news once everything is settled.”