WhatsApp Admin vanishes with money contributed by members, spotted in another town throwing a lavish party


A WhatsApp group Admin has been nabbed by members of the social media platform after she disappeared with money they contributed for a particular scheme.

The lady then organised a lavish party in the plush neighbourhood of Lekki, Lagos but luck ran out for her after the members tracked her down and got her arrested.

A video to this effect shows the moment some people tried to intervene and have the feuding parties agree on how to handle the matter amicably.

In other news, a man was filled with emotions after visiting the Elmina Castle in Ghana which served as the site where our forefathers were chained and dehumanised before being shipped outside as slaves.


As revenge, the young man who filmed the dungeons and the final departure place of the slaves at the historical site has urged internet scammers, known widely as yahoo/sakawa boys to continue ripping them off their hard-earned money.

He shared the video online which has since evoked massive reactions on the internet.

Elmina Castle was erected by the Portuguese in 1482 as Castelo de São Jorge da Mina, also known as Castelo da Mina or simply Mina, in present-day Elmina, Ghana.

It was the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea, and the oldest European building in existence south of the Sahara.

Source: Ghbase.com