4 Surprising Habits That’s Causing Your Boobs To Sag


Age, genetics, and even breastfeeding can all play major roles in making your boobs hang a little lower than you would like. However, some daily activities you never knew can also contribute to saggy Boobs.

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1. Sleep position.

The way you sleep has everything to do with how your body works, especially your boobs. Even though it can be difficult to control how you sleep, especially for deep and stomach sleepers, you should know that sleep positions can impact the looks of your boobs. Sleeping on your back or using a body pillow for support while you sleep on your side are the best ways to prevent the effects of gravity from working their dark magic on your unsuspecting breasts while you sleep.

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2. On and Off dieting.

Because boobs tissue is mostly fat, the fat cells in the boobs expand and contract as you lose and gain weight. When you gain or lose fat in the boobs repeatedly, it wears down the collagen proteins in the boobs, causing them to be permanently stretched.

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3. Poor posture.

Your mother was correct when she said, “Sit up straight!” If you need another incentive to put down your phone and step away from the computer, perky boobs are it. Your neck, back, shoulders, and, yes, even your boobs might suffer if you spend a lot of time slumped forward.

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Gravity pulls the boobs further downward and stretches the tissue and elastin fibers in the boobs when you sit or stand with poor posture on a regular basis. To keep your boobs up where they should be, stand tall, sit tall, and attempt to do some releasing, chest opening stretches on a daily basis.

4. Smoking.

There’s a long list of reasons to stop smoking, and you can add “causes droopy boobs” to the top of it. Boobs tissue proteins that give boobs their firmness are broken down by smoking. It also dries out and wrinkles the skin of the boobs in the same way it does in other parts of the body. There are many reasons to quit smoking, and you can now add “causes droopy boobs” to the list.

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