“Singles Only” – 4 Risky Mistakes Most Singles Make While Choosing A Life Partner


There are countless people after so many years of marriage later realize they made the wrong decision. They chose the wrong partner that has later been a huge burden on them. The relationship is not a mere living as the opposite gender meets to proclaim their love and affections towards each other. Entering into a wrong marriage is similar to signing your hell warrant since it becomes impossible to divorce according to the holy teachings.

It saddens me when I see young men and women eager to enter into marriage due to the physical attractiveness of the person. Looking at such a trait can give you a big blow in the near future. Here are four risky mistakes that most singles make while choosing a life partner and how to avoid them.

Focusing on material things

This is the first on the list because it has become the heart desire of most people young men and women. Many marry because of what their partner is able to provide in the relationship. They focus on the number of houses, cars, customized clothing and other little things that aren’t necessary in a relationship that would lead to marriage.


Making commitment based on emotions

I was personally a big fun of making promises I know I can’t keep based on my emotions and that really brought darkness into my life. Making commitment base on you emotions is not advisable when choosing a life partner because it might result in neglect later. When you are happy, do not make a promise you can’t keep and when you are sad, do not say something you definitely know you can’t do.

Having the mindset of “I would change him”

I’ve come across countless people who might be in a relationship with the wrong partner but they keep assuring themselves that they would change them. Changing an adult unlike a child is close to zero. Stop giving fake hope and assurance to yourself that it would get better if you see things not working in your favor.

Marry because of a favor done

Most people also marry their partner because of the favor they once received from them or their relationships. Others make claims that their boyfriends and girlfriends were the ones who made payments for their university education and therefore it becomes totally impossible not to marry them. Please follow your heart and don’t also take it as an advantage to play with the heart of someone you don’t love