Some Big Secrets About Marriage You Need To Know


    Marriage is beautiful especially when the man and the woman had patience enough to wait for each other during the courting period. When these two have come out successfully after going through all necessary procedures or the customary rites and have agreed to become husband and wife.

    It is the desire of every young man and woman to get married. Today we shall look at some secrets about marriage that you need to know whether you are married or about to. Listed below are some of them that can help you to embark on the marriage journey, or give you a beautiful marital home.


    1. The marriage ceremony last a short while but the journey last forever.

    Yes very true. The marriage ceremony takes not more than two hours for everything to be done that is the exchange of vows and wearing of the ring which is the most important of the ceremony. The real marriage life is experienced when the new couple live with each other on the life long journey. During the journey every decision you make, you must first consider the other partner’s interest because he or she has become a part of your life until death separates you. Therefore everyone who desires to embark on this journey must be fully prepared, offenses are going to come, a lot of disappointments, children will come in, health issues and a whole lot. All you need to know is that it is a long life journey which requires adequate preparation but not what goes on on that faithful Saturday morning.

    2. It is a school that you get the certificate before you start attending.

    Surprised? No don’t be. Marriage certificates are signed and presented on the day of the wedding. It is only the institution of marriage that has this characteristic. The examination on the other hand is a never-ending one till death do you part. How you live with your partner determines whether you merit the certificate or not.


    It is just like to be awarded first-class before starting level 100 in the tertiary. Learn to love and live with your partner to create that beautiful home you desired. Remember, character testing, endurance, and patience among others are the examinations you will be writing.

    3. God is the sole proprietor of the marriage.

    According to scripture, God was the one who instituted the first marriage in the garden of Eden. Therefore everything about our marriage concerns Him do much. Marriages these days suffer a lot of challenges and sometimes divorce. Through prayer Know it that you can report your case to God because is the owner of the marriage. A successful marriage is one that has a God part in it and individual responsibilities. Let us stop involving our friends and some family members in solving our marital issues where they need be. God should hear you complain through prayer, never in any way leave Him out of your marriage. Engage Him today because He cares for you.

    4. It is a union between man and woman.

    The first marriage from the biblical point of view was between a man and a woman. And it is what God has accepted. Any other is contrary to what He God has instituted. It is a perfect match in the sight of God. Accept the God kind of marriage today and encourage others to do so.