5 Best University Hall Week Celebrations In Ghana


    Hall Weeks and other forms of student week celebrations are a regular feature in University life all over the world and Ghana is no exception.

    Following conversations with a number of alumni of the country’s public universities who wield extensive knowledge about hall week celebrations, we have arrived at a ranking of the best hall week celebrations in the nation’s public universities.

    1. Pentagon HostelPentagon Hostel located at the University of Ghana campus can be thought of like a hostel and not a hall, technically speaking.

    The ‘Pent Hall Week’ as it is called has overtaken the Republic Hall Week which used to be the number one Hall Week event in Ghanaian Universities.

    Today, the Pent Hall Week is arguably only second to the VGMA as a musical event in Ghana.

    It has attracted almost all the best acts in the music industry as well as celebrities like Efia Odo who partook in their car wash activity.

    Efia Odo taking part in the car wash

    The Car wash activities by a beautiful array of sexy ladies, beach rave, afro carnival and the massive musical concert that attracts the biggest stars in Ghana arguably puts the Pent Hall Week above all others.

    2. Republic Hall, Kwame University of Science and Technology

    Republic Hall, the third hall to be opened at the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is legendary for its ever popular Hall Week.

    Popularly called ‘Repu Hall Week’, it attracts patrons from far and wide and even from outside the shores of Ghana.

    Two of the prominent features of the Repu Hall Week are the Sprite Basketball Championship which brings together the best of basketball players from other tertiary institutions and in the country.

    The ever popular Epilogo on Wednesday at the Georgia Hostel, is indescribable in high octane enjoyment and super-duper revelry.

    There is also the Mr.Flex Night sometimes referred to as KNUST’s Strongest and a fashion show during the week.

    3. Volta Hall, University of Ghana

    Like most hall week celebrations at the Nation’s Premiere University, Volta Hall week is a fun-packed non-stop revelry.

    What makes the hall week celebrations of the female Hall of the University of Ghana stand out and worthy of mention is the extra verve called ‘Razzmatazz’.

    Razzmatazz is a nite of dance and gyration made especially palatable by the bevy of ladies at the mercy of sexually excited male students.

    4. Atlantic Hall, University of Cape Coast:

    ATL’s hall week is very popular in the University of Cape Coast and beyond and their Hall Week attracts strong participation from the student body.

    One of the unique features of their hall week is the ‘Aboakyer’ which is fashioned along the original Aboakyer Festival of the chiefs and people of Winneba.

    The alliance the Hall has with Commonwealth, Unity, Volta, Adehye and Africa Hall abbreviated as ‘CUVAAA’ brings hundreds of residents of these halls together to engage in the CUVAAA Games.

    PAWA(Profane Association of West Africa) Night is popular in this event.The PAWA Night, is now rotated amongst the three male halls(ATL, Unity and Commonwealth) and is an unforgettable night of entertainment.

    The beauty of ATL’s PAWA Night is the presence of female residents in their powerful Sacred Choir that makes for an orgasmic spectacle when they are performing.

    5. Legon Hall, University of Ghana

    Legon Hall Week makes this exclusive list for putting together ‘Miss Legon’-the most well organised and patronised university pageant in any of the nation’s universities.

    Miss Legon, until the emergence of pageants such as Miss Malaika and Ghana’s Most Beautiful was only second to the Miss Ghana beauty contest in appeal and popularity.