13 Tricks You Should Try On Your Smartphones To Enjoy Them Better


    These days smartphones do almost everything for us but that doesn’t mean we know about all they have to offer. In this article, a few of the special things you can do with your smartphone will be explained, stay tuned because you are about to find out some fun tips and tricks.


    When traveling set a currency conversion chart as a lock screen for quick access. This will help you to calculate your transactions.


    Cover your phone’s microphone to improve the audio recording. This trick will filter out the background noise and keep a focus on the main audio source.


    If your charger cord is too long, wrap it around a thick pen and use a blow dryer at low heat to give it a spiral shape.


    Place your sunglasses in front of your camera lens to take better photos in the sun. It will reduce glare.


    Charge your phone faster by switching on airplane mode and don’t use it while charging.


    You can fix a damaged charger using the spring from a retractable pen. Open up the spring a little then wind it around the cable just below the charger’s head.


    Run a regular school eraser smoothly along your screen to remove fingerprints and smudges.


    When you go swimming, pop your smartphone in a ziplock bag to keep it protected not just from water but also from sands and chemicals.


    Grab a photo of your car when you are parked in a huge parking lot to remember where you’re parked.


    Avoid the annoying please enter your email address message on websites by Saving your email details as a keyboard shortcut as this will make logging in easier.


    If there is no charging port at a hotel, check the back of the TV as most TVs now have ports that your charger can connect up to.


    To avoid holding your phone to look at a map while driving, attach a hair tie or a rubber band through the AC vent, then run your phone through it.


    When you give someone your phone a lot of the time, at the back of your mind you start to think that now this person may have access to any of your personal information that you want to keep private. If you are an Android user, you don’t need to worry about this stuff anymore, all you have to do is turn to a guest mode. To switch it on, simply tap the User icon in the top right corner of the quick settings panel, then tap guest. Doing this will keep your data safe and sound until you turn this mode off.