Lady Who Graduated As A Medical Doctor Showers Praises On Her Mother For Not Giving Up On Her When Her Father Chased Them Out


A beautiful lady has taken to social media to appreciate her mother for not giving up on her after her father kicked them out of his house.

In a rather long post, she wrote;
“There is no one like Mother to me I was 7 years old when My father sent us out of the house because my Mother couldn’t give him a son. My mother didn’t give up. We slept in the market for so many years.

My Mother started selling Okro & pepper t send me to school. While others were making friends and going to parties, my mother was saving her money to send me to school! This year, I graduated as a Doctor and i also got a job offer from a very big hospital in England. I am taking my mother with me. She suffered so much for me!! Right now, it is my turn to make her a Queen.