Checkout what a gym instructor was doing to a woman during a workout session [Video]


Exercise they say is good for each and every individual for it is a natural way of keeping fit by burning calories and other toxics in the body.

This has led to the establishment of gym centers and other exercising avenues across the country for which experts in the field known as gym instructors have been employed to guide customers.

Social media has erupted after a video of a gym instructor mαssαging a woman during a workout session surfaced online.

The young energetic man skillfully mαssαged the womαn’s body, leaving her relaxed.

If you are wondering why women flock to the gym, you now have the answer.

This video few months days after a gym instructor was shot dead at Tratra Hills, Golden Door in Accra and the incident happened in the early hours of Thursday, 22 July 2021 when two motorbikes stormed the room to attack him, leading to his untimely death.

The deceased was said to be in the room with a lady who is yet-to-be-identified but the killers did not take anything from Little and any valuables in his room.

The lady found in his room upon the attack was said to have been in a relationship with Little for quite some time now.

According to Little’s gym mates, the lady’s car was parked outside the house when the killers arrived.

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